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Human Resources

National Eye Security continues to offer opportunities to its people in order to develop their skills and competencies for current and future roles. Success at all levels is dependent on appointing the right people in the right positions. Our human resource strategies are aimed at ensuring that all staff is competent in their roles through continuous performance appraisals, assessments and on-going legislative and non-legislative training.

Communication structures take various forms appropriate to the nature and location of the business entities, and are supported by a representational relationship with employee bodies and trade unions. Employee advancement is encouraged and assisted by participative structures for employment matters, training, non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all employees.The Group continues to strive for a workforce structure that is representative of the country’s demographics, not only at supervisory level, but increasingly within all levels of the management structure. This is being achieved through fair workplace practices, staff advancement and training programs.

Rewards for employees include incentives, bravery awards, long service awards and peer recognition through an annual awards ceremony.

National Eye Security has a genuine concern for the emotional, physical and financial well- being of all its employees.