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Health & Safety

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Health & Safety

Implementation of health and safety procedures for staff is assigned to senior management who are held accountable. The organisation is constantly aware of the significant risks its employees may face on a daily basis in the pursuance of their duties. This is particularly enhanced in the Security, Cash Solutions and Specialised Services divisions.

As a result, the organisation continuously evolves various processes, technologies and training initiatives to improve the safety of its employees.

The organisation’s environmental policy entails:

  • Compliance with all Environmental Legislation
  • Minimize the consumption of energy and water, and recycle where possible
  • Minimize solid waste generation
  • Avoid the use of material that may harm the environment
  • Promote environmental awareness
  • Support community programs on environmental issues
  • Engage key stakeholders regarding the environment

All security officers are trained in Occupational Health and Safety, in a variety of different environments.

The health and safety of employees is a top priority and is measured and monitored weekly by the Workmen’s Compensation Report. Regular awareness campaigns, initiatives, policies and training programs support this.

The organisation’s Cash Solutions business continues to grow and has quickly become a serious competitor in the market, garnering a large number of high profile national contracts and bringing state of the art technology backed by Fidelity’s hands on approach to the market.