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Health and Education

National Eye Security’s unmatched experience ensures a safe environment for all stakeholders in a healthcare setting; be it a major private or community hospital, trauma centre, retirement home, research based facility, emergency treatment centre, specialist clinic or hospice.

Our solution includes qualified personnel specially trained for the healthcare environment, with an emphasis on proficiency in areas such as firefighting, evacuation, first aid, observation, security and safety intelligence, visibility and public relation skills.

National Eye Security provides safe environments for all patrons, learners, visitors and faculties across the nation, from seminaries to private schools, colleges, campuses and universities. This is accomplished through an integrated solution incorporating guarding services and state-of-the-art equipment.

Highly visible security officers are trained in all aspects of the security discipline, with strong emphasis on observation, visible guarding and public relations. Officers wear purpose-designed uniforms to fit in with the image and ethos of the individual educational institution and yet still remain easily identifiable as security personnel.

Services Include:

  • Campus Residential Protection – access and egress control which includes visible guarding patrols
  • “Green Route Escorts” between 18h00 – 23h00 for after-hour students who attend evening classes on demarcated routes from Campus to residential areas
  • Special Events for all sporting and other major non-sporting and educational events
  • VIP Protection including crowd control when dignitaries attend functions or visit the Campus
  • Communication of medical incidents, accidents and facility-related issues, including risks and maintenance issues, to the Campus Management Centre for appropriate support action
  • Crime scene management