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Banks and Financial Institutions

National Eye Security is the unrivalled leader in providing specialised security to banks, brokerage firms and other financial institutions.

Our solution includes an integrated system of electronics and physical guarding, 24 hour off-site monitoring, and internal security of the facility and its assets. Trained security officers perform a general guarding service enhanced by skills in matters such as customer care, public relations and conflict resolution. This is complemented by state-of-the-art electronic solutions, which include alarm systems, identification technology, panic buttons, as well as CCTV systems throughout the facility, monitored by trained security officers in central control rooms.

The security at a facility is layered, with the risk status increasing as one moves from the perimeter towards the building and the valuable assets held within. Entrance and exit points are controlled and monitored to facilitate the access and egress of all visitors and employees. The safety and security of all people, assets and vehicles is paramount to the success of the site security solution.

Services Include:

  • General guarding
  • Escort services
  • Armed response services
  • Cash-in-Transit
  • Monitoring services
  • Safety and Crime Intelligence
  • Access control
  • Remote security services
  • Security and protection technology
  • VIP services