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Cash In Transit

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Cash in Transit

Ideal for all financial, casino, property and retail institutions, National Eye Security utilises effective strategies and state-of-the-art technology, backed by a hands-on management approach, to offer unsurpassed cash management and asset management solutions. All cash-in-transit operations are managed from the various custom-designed Control Centres.All staff undergoes stringent vetting and training of procedures, are fully certified and have undergone training in all the necessary driving skills.

Services Include:

  • Continuous monitoring of vehicles via onboard dual-tracking devices with fully integrated GPS and GPRS technology. Should a vehicle deviate from the pre-programmed route, the Control Centre is immediately notified. Our vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment to minimise risks
  • “Exception Alarms” – an immediate alarm is generated when crew doors and hatches are tampered with whilst in transit or at the client’s premises
  • Service Induction Training for all new clients
  • Covert intelligence gathering is continuously carried out via unique methods, and distributed to assist in identifying potential threats

National Eye Security’s modern armour-plated vehicles are equipped with interlocking systems, vaulting facilities with remotely operated, one-time code locks, panic buttons, cross-pavement carriers and wheels fitted with Run-Flat Tyre defence systems.